AHAL Agriculture & Livestock is a corporate company that carries on its activities within FSE Group, keeps and improves its trade links with foreign investment partner and countries.

Our company, which has begun egg production activities in Salihli district of Manisa in 2016, operates now in an area of 72,500 square meters with full automation system.

The purpose of our company is to increase the egg production targeted by the end of the year to 225,000/Day by producing its own feed. In addition, our company has begun to works for regaining of poultry manure to agriculture by drying them with fermentation. Within this target, it will not only be an important producer in Turkey but will also begin exporting in a short time with foreign trade links.

Its abroad history about the sector over 7 years is a concrete and exact assurance of the important references and practical character provided by the company. Having adopted the European Union quality standards in production, AHAL Agriculture & Livestock is working with discipline and determination to keep this scale at the highest level.